Friday, November 4, 2011

FastStone Picture Viewer

I have tried quite a lot of photo viewers and editors and I'm really happy that I found FastStone Picture Viewer.

It is freeware, free for home users (personal and educational use), but for commercial use a licence is required.

I know it is not completely free, but for those who are using it just for noncommercial editing it is ok.

- FastStone Image Viewer is fast and easy to use.
- On each photo's thumbnail there is information about width and height.
- If we make changes to our photo, we can see preview on the left side.
- We can remove metadata from our .jpg files if we want to.
- We can save our photo in different formats, like jpg, png, tiff, pdf...
- We can easily crop our photo, change compresion, change .jpg quality and number of colors in .png and .gif formats, because for internet photos is it very useful if photos are smaller (we don't need them to be 5 MB or 4000 x 3000 pixels, because pages open very slowly then).
- We can adjust colors, use grayscale, sepia or negative.
- We can add border or watermark.
- We can change our photo to an oil painting or sketch.
- We can compare images.
- We can rename or convert large number of photos at once (batch rename or batch convert).

Fast stone Image Viewer is also available in portable edition.

Here is link to FastStone Image Viewer Home Page.

Here we can download FastStone Image Viewer Portable.

Here we can find tutorial for FastStone Image Viewer.

Unfortunatelly, it works just in Windows. But if you work in Windows, take a look, try it and I think you will like it.

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