Saturday, August 31, 2013

Easy Funny Homemade Halloween Costumes

Do you like easy funny homemade Halloween costumes? Would you like to make one this year for Halloween, to have a unique costume?

Let's take a look at few ideas for costumes and simple instructions how to make them. And I hope you'll have as much fun making them as wearing them at Halloween party.

Cat costume

This costume can be really funny if men are wearing it, especially if it's sexy cat.

Dress in black shirt with long sleeves, black tights, add cat tail (sew it on tights) and cat ears - they v+can be bought for very low price. And at the end just add cat make-up - black nose, whiskers and eyes and you are done.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kiss Rock Band Makeup - Gene Simmons Makeup Stencil and Paul Stanley Face Paint

Are you looking for Kiss Rock band makeup? On this page you can find Gene Simmons makeup stencil and Paul Stanley face paint.

I made two articles with Kiss costumes for Halloween - Gene Simmons Costumes For Adults and Kiss Costumes For Women. On both pages there are pictures with Kiss make-up. I found this pictures on Wikimedia Commons page, they were made by Willtron.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Baby Costume Ideas For Adults

If you decided to wear baby costume for Halloween this year, you can find some baby costume ideas for adults on this page.

Baby costume can be very comfortable, you can wear just a jumpsuit and that's it. You can choose pink or blue costume and add for instance a bottle for babies and a pacifier - you can use enlarged toy or regular pacifier.

In some baby costume sets you'll get just large (fake) diaper instead of jumpsuit and a bib and sometimes baby cap is added too.

Baby boy by papapishu (Public Domain License), Openclipart

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kiss Costume Ideas

If you are looking for Kiss costume ideas for Halloween, you can find quite a lot of them. In article Gene Simmons Costume there are just few of them, but you can find costumes of other Kiss members too. There are Kiss costumes for men, for women, for kids, different wigs, Kiss boots and even Kiss axe guitar.

Image by FrehleyKISS, Public Domain License, Wikimedia Commons

And if you need Kiss make-up ideas you can find a lot of them too. You can check out The Demon makeup stencil and The Starchild makeup stencil and watch how Gene Simmons puts on his black and white make-up.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Halloween drawings for kids

Kids love drawing and coloring. And they can draw so many drawings for any holiday. On this page you can find easy Halloween drawings for kids - I made simple drawings of pumpkin, ghost, witch hat and bats.

Soon kids will find new ideas what to draw or even make a simple mask. You can use their drawings for party invitations or to decorate kids room or your house.

And the most important is that you can spend some quality time with your kids and have a lot of fun.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Best Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Best baby Halloween costume ideas are the ones that are the simplest too. We can find a lot of very cute Halloween costumes for babies online with really adorable pictures of babies.

Most of these costumes are not too expensive and we can easily find good quality costumes which are not too hot and too tight for a baby.

Image from Public Domain Pictures (Public Domain License)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Dinosaur Head Grabber

We all know different dinosaur toys, but when I heard (well actually read) about dinosaur head grabber, I had no idea what that is, I have to admit it.

And I googled it, took a look at pictures with it and actually it's anything strange at all. It's a grabber with dinosaur head at the top of it. Something like on my sketch, when the jaws of dinosaur are actually grabbing things. Pretty simple.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

What is GIMP Software?

What is Gimp software? It's GNU Image Manipulation Program. This project has been going on for about 18 years, since 1995, when Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis started it as a students at University of California, Berkeley.

It is alternative to Adobe Photoshop®, but it is open source and free. And what does that mean? Open source means that anybody can download the source code and improve it, and free means that we can download it for free.

I found GIMP few years ago and I have been using it regularly since then. There are so many things we can do with GIMP, not only complicated stuff with photo, but simple things too. A very interesting option is screen shot of our window or desktop image. There are many online screenshot programs, but they don't capture the whole screen, just the picture in the active window, that this usually the pages we are reading. And of course we can use it for "playing" with our pictures.

And what else can we do with it? There are few things we can do with it:
- change size of a picture (resize it)
- flip and rotate image
- crop photos (cut out only little pieces)
- change background
- change color of our picture
- remove red eyes
- or use different effects and filters to change our photos.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

How To Clean A Pearl And Diamond Ring

You probably want to know how to clean a pearl and diamond ring when you buy it or got one as a present.

It's really interesting combination, because pearls are very tender and if they are not properly taken care off their beauty can easily vanish. And diamonds on the other side are one of the hardest things on Earth, only few years ago hardest materials than diamonds were found.

Image by JamesDeMers, Public Domain License, Pixabay

Thursday, August 1, 2013

How To Dress Like Pippi Longstocking

If you are wondering how to dress like Pippi Longstocking for Halloween party or costume party, you can find few ideas right here.

Pippi Longstocking is very happy and cheerful girl and very curious girl at the same time. She loves to explore everything around her and her clothes have to be comfortable.

She is not dressed like a little princess, she resembles more to a little rascal. She is usually wearing black shoes or ankle boots and she loves large the to be large, to large for her feet, because she loves to move her fingers.

Her clothes are cozy and loose too. She usually wears short dress or skirt and a shirt. And her stockings are really special, they have to be colorful and sometimes with stripes. And because she doesn't have much time for it, she usually picks two different socks.

How about her hear? She is wearing her well known orange braids.

And if it's winter she puts on a large knitted sweater and a scarf. That's it. Pippi Longstocking is ready for new adventures.