Saturday, August 24, 2013

Baby Costume Ideas For Adults

If you decided to wear baby costume for Halloween this year, you can find some baby costume ideas for adults on this page.

Baby costume can be very comfortable, you can wear just a jumpsuit and that's it. You can choose pink or blue costume and add for instance a bottle for babies and a pacifier - you can use enlarged toy or regular pacifier.

In some baby costume sets you'll get just large (fake) diaper instead of jumpsuit and a bib and sometimes baby cap is added too.

Baby boy by papapishu (Public Domain License), Openclipart

You can also take a little baby toy with you like colorful rattle or teddy bear and little blanket would look just fine too.

This costume is great as a group costume too. You can go to Halloween party or trick-or-treating with your family or friends as a group of babies. You can all wear the same outfit (maybe in different colors) or one can wear jumpsuit and another just a diaper. As you can see that there are really a lot of options with baby costume for adults.


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