Saturday, August 31, 2013

Easy Funny Homemade Halloween Costumes

Do you like easy funny homemade Halloween costumes? Would you like to make one this year for Halloween, to have a unique costume?

Let's take a look at few ideas for costumes and simple instructions how to make them. And I hope you'll have as much fun making them as wearing them at Halloween party.

Cat costume

This costume can be really funny if men are wearing it, especially if it's sexy cat.

Dress in black shirt with long sleeves, black tights, add cat tail (sew it on tights) and cat ears - they v+can be bought for very low price. And at the end just add cat make-up - black nose, whiskers and eyes and you are done.

Lego brick

This is great idea for kids and for adults, for family costume or group costume. And how to make it?

You'll have to find a box large enough to fit in, color it with your favorite color (Lego have bricks in almost all colors) and add circles - you can draw them on, put on darker adhesive paper or glue on colored paper cups or something that looks like them. Paper cups should be in the same color as the box and you can use one or more colors for them box if you wish.

For group or family costume you can be all in the same color and same shape or in different colors and different shapes.


Another fun Halloween costume for kids and adults. And easy one too. Just sew some extra legs to black, grey or brown T-shirt. You can use stockings or socks to do that. Stuff it with cloth amd you'll have spider costume.

Another option is to wear black T-shirt with long sleeves and put on spider mask or make-up.

Clark Kent

He is Superman as a reporter - a bit clumsy one and a geek. You need T-shirt and balzer and pair of glasses with black frame. You can find Superman's logo at Openclipart or Clker, print it and put it on (glue or tape it).

Baby costume for adults

It can be really funny and comfortable too. Put on a jumpsuit or footed pajamas in light blue or pink and you are basically done. You can use a fake diaper to and add a bib, pacifier, baby bottle, baby blanket and a little toy.
This one can be great group costume too.

All images by Pippi Dust.



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