Sunday, August 4, 2013

How To Clean A Pearl And Diamond Ring

You probably want to know how to clean a pearl and diamond ring when you buy it or got one as a present.

It's really interesting combination, because pearls are very tender and if they are not properly taken care off their beauty can easily vanish. And diamonds on the other side are one of the hardest things on Earth, only few years ago hardest materials than diamonds were found.

Image by JamesDeMers, Public Domain License, Pixabay

So how to take care of the ring? It depends on the metal of which ring is made too - gold, sterling silver, platinum...

First rule is that you don't mix your ring with other rings and jewelry because pearls can easily be scratched and diamonds can scratch other precious stones or can be scratched by other diamonds. Always put your ring in a separate box or compartment.

So how to clean the ring? Wipe it with soft cloth and warm water regularly. And check out regularly if pearl and diamonds are still in their places too. They can easily fall out if they are loosen.

Rings with pearls and diamonds are special and should be worn for special occasions. When you do your every day cleaning or dish washing for instance, it's better to put it down. Be very careful when you use chlorine bleach or any sort of acid too - it can easily ruin your ring. And don't forget to put the ring down before you wash your hands.

These were only few basic instructions how to clean and take care of pearl and diamond ring, I hope they helped a bit.

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