Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Easy Superhero Costumes For Men To Make

How about easy superhero costumes for men to make for Halloween party? Is it really easy or not? Is it easier to just buy them or to make them at home?

Sometimes superhero costumes can be quite expensive if you want good quality costume and you want to wear it next year too.

But if you want something inexpensive, you can buy cheaper costume or make one at home - and it will be unique too. So how to make them?

Image by OCAL, Public Domain License, Clker

First it's important how much time do you have. Is it already Halloween night and you have to go to a party in about an hour and you really need last minute costume or you still have a week or so?

If you have more time, you can prepare and buy some stuff like tights or jumpsuit in the right color, T-shirt of your favorite superhero, some make-up, a wig or a mask and so on.

And if you are really late, you put on pants or jeans and a T-shirt and put on logo of your superhero - you can find some of it on Clker (for instance for Superman).

And which superhero are we talking about and which colors are they wearing?

Superman - his colors are blue and red
Spiderman - also red and blue
Ironman - black and yellow
Batman - black

Image by Maiki, Public Domain License, Clker

Now that you have few ideas and you know which colors to use for your superhero, you must start as soon as possible because Halloween is approaching quickly...

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