Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kim Kardashian Superwoman Costume

Are you interested in Kim Kardashian Superwoman costume? Which costume is that actually? I believe it's Wonder Woman costume and she wore it back in 2008. It looks something like this:

Image by 1derwoman, CC BY 2.0, Flickr

She wore golden headband which looked amazing in combination with her dark hair and dark eyes. She also wore corset in red and golden colors and blue shorts pants with white stars. And she wore black tights and red high heel boots with white stripe.

You can find similar costumes in the stores online, it's Wonder Woman costume and American superhero costume.

Wonder Woman is one of the American Superheros, created in the forties of the previous century. She is very strong woman and the leader of the Amazons. And if you decided to become one of the superheros for Halloween night, this costume is truly excellent.

But you can wear this costume and make it really funny too if you are a man. Just buy a costume in the right size, dark wig and add some strong make-up.

In the video above you can find few tips how to put on Halloween make-up if you are planning to wear  Superwoman costume.

And you can find it on my Kim Kardashian Wonder Woman Costume page too.

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