Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thanksgiving Turkey Clipart

Turkey is very popular bird this time of the year especially around Thanksgiving which is going to be on November 28th this year. And so are Thanksgiving turkey clipart and images.

Last year I added an orange background to the turkey I found on Clker.

This year I found similar ( I thing it's not quite the same) turkey on Openclipart (it was created by bloodsong, you can see it above) and I added turkey tail fan and colored it with different brown and yellow.

To make it look funnier I added a hat. There are already few versions of Thanksgiving turkey with a hat on Clker, but none of them with colorful tail.

I made two versions of the hat - the original is black from Openclipart (created by eady) with yellow (golden) belt buckle.

One of my hats is black with grey (silver) belt buckle and the other is brown with yellow (golden) belt buckle.

You can find all these clip art on Openclipart for free, because all of them are Public Domain images.

And below is an example how to use it - I made Thanksgiving table cards with this turkey for Thanksgiving dinner and you can buy them at Zazzle.

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