Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Personalized Calendars

You are probably familiar with this feeling too - what to give as a gift to somebody who has everything? Or to your parents?

How about personalized calendars? I really love them because they are very special and unique and grandma and grandpa will be really glad and will love to look at it every single day of the year. And if you don't need it for others and you want to make it for yourself - why not?

On this page I'll show you in few simple steps how I make this kind of calendars on Zazzle and you can use my template or make yours from scratch.

Here I'll show you how you can make your personalized calendars from my template. Just click on the calendar above and it will bring you to one of my calendars.Or you can simply go to and find any calendar there.

Now we are on the page with calendar. If you like it, you can buy it, otherwise you have to change it. Click on the button below the large picture on the left - Customize it, and now you can change anything you want - photos, fonts, style... I usually start with photos - there are 14 photos on the right side, one for each month and one for Front cover and one for Back cover. You can be simply change them and add your images.Text on the front cover can be changed too and we can add our text.

Below the photos on the right side there is button Change Your Style. I really like this one, because I can decide what kind of calendar do I want - one or two sided, small, middle or large. Another thing is style of the numbers - there are 13 styles, from classic to large numbers, colorful... I can just choose one of them. I can also decide which will be the first and which the last month and I can add holidays and events in USA and Canada too. And that's pretty much it. Check it out once again how it looks like and if you are satisfied with it you can post it for sale if you started from scratch or buy it.

As you can see it's pretty simple and you can make nice and unique calendars with your own images.

Happy Holidays.

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