Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thanksgiving Paper Plates And Napkins

Paper plates for Thanksgiving dinner? Yes, sure, why not? You must admit it's very comfortable and rather cheap option. Comfortable because you won't run out of plates if you get extra visitors and you won't have to wash all the plates after Thanksgiving dinner like you may if you have melamine or porcelain plates.

The other good thing about the Thanksgiving paper plates is that they usually cost less than melamine or porcelain ones. You can see fer paper plates above with Thanksgiving themes like turkey, pumpkins, cornucopia, pilgrims, fall leaves... They are in warm autumn colors - res, orange, brown and black.

The paper plates above are available at Zazzle - there are two sizes - seven inches and nine inches paper plates. They are customizable and you can leave Happy Thanksgiving! or add your own words.

And what about Thanksgiving paper napkins? Have you thought about them too? You can get matching paper plates and napkins with the same design but in different color or with different design but in the same color.

And what do you get in a package? There are 8 paper plates and set of 50 paper napkins. If you buy two sets of paper napkins (that's 100 napkins) you'll get 45 % discount.

Check them out and Happy Thanksgiving.

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