Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Halloween drawings for kids

Kids love drawing and coloring. And they can draw so many drawings for any holiday. On this page you can find easy Halloween drawings for kids - I made simple drawings of pumpkin, ghost, witch hat and bats.

Soon kids will find new ideas what to draw or even make a simple mask. You can use their drawings for party invitations or to decorate kids room or your house.

And the most important is that you can spend some quality time with your kids and have a lot of fun.

It's really fun to draw and color any time of the years. But at Halloween it's even better. I love to draw and color too. At the end of October it's quite cold outside and we can't be out so much any more, but instead there are so many other activities like drawing, coloring and other paper crafts.

Drawings on these page are really simple, each has just three or four steps and they are ideal for kids to draw. You can draw them yourself and show the kids how to make it or just make an outline and kids can color them

You can use coloring pencils or markers, it doesn't really matter as long as kids enjoy it and have fun.

How to draw pumpkin

Step 1: We'll start with simple ordinary pumpkin. Let it look something like this.
Step 2: Then we'll add a pumpkin stem...
Step 3: ...and ribs. And it is done. And here we have nice and simple pumpkin coloring page...
Step 4: ...or we can color it (or kids can color it, of course).

How to draw Halloween pumpkin

Now we'll make Halloween pumpkin.

Step 1: First we'll make a circle which looks like a pumpkin.
Step 2: Add a pumpkin stem.
Step 3: Now we'll draw a face. We'll start with eyes...
Step 4: ...and continue with very simple nose and mouth.
Step 5: We add few ribs and we are done.
Step 6: We can color it with any color we want. And the inside of the pumpkin can be yellow, as if there was a candle, or dark.

How to draw Halloween ghost

Step 1: Ghosts are really simple to draw. Just draw an outline, something like this...
Step 2: ...and add eyes.
Step 3: We can color eyes with black or leave them just outlined.
Step 4: I colored my ghost with grey color. It's a cute little ghost, isn't it?

How to draw witch hat

Step 1: Now we'll draw witch's hat. It can be great addition to witch costume. This is the outline.
Step 2: Then add some purple...
Step 3: And color it with black.

How to draw Halloween bat

The last Halloween picture we are going to draw are bats. We can make one or more bats.

Step 1: We'll start with simple curved line.
Step 2: Now we'll add head...
Step 3: ...and outline whole bat.
Step 4: We can make three or more bats.
Step 5: Now we can color them with black...
Step 6: ...and add full moon (well, I must admit, mine looks more like the sun) and Halloween night.

I hope you had a lot of fun drawing this pictures.

All pictures by Pippi Dust.



  1. Great holiday drawing ideas. Easy steps for kids.

  2. Thank you so much! These are lovely and simple and really easy for kids to do!

  3. Thank you! These are a huge help. I'm volunteering in my son's Grade 3 classroom to do some Halloween crafts and these are just what I needed to round out our craft project. Much appreciated!