Saturday, July 13, 2013

Black Long Elegant Evening Dresses

I have always loved to wear black for special occasions and I'm really fond of black long elegant evening dresses.

They may be without sleeves or have long sleeves and they may have no back at all as long as they are long and black.

And why? Because I'm pretty short and maxi apparel at once make me look taller. And if I add high heel shoes, I have a winner at once.

Five reasons why I love my black long dress:
  1. It's my version of little black dress.
  2. It is elegant and if i wear it I look elegant too.
  3. It makes me look taller.
  4. This one I really love - black dress makes me look slimmer. If I choose the right style of dress and the accessories, for instance beautiful wide belt, I look thinner at once.
  5. I can use simple and elegant accessories with it like beautiful brooch, necklace, and earrings.
What is chiffon and how to take care of it?

Long black evening dresses made of chiffon looks really nice, because chiffon flows beautifully over the body.

Chiffon looks great and it's very light, but sometimes it is quite delicate to take care off. It is very useful to know that it can stretch and shrink when it's wet.

That's why clothing made of chiffon usually shouldn't be machine washed or even machine dried. They must usually be dry cleaned. It actually depends what kind of chiffon your clothes are made of - is it silk chiffon, polyester or rayon chiffon or chiffon blends.

That's why I would recommend you to carefully read the labels before you clean your new evening dress.

What to wear with your black dress?

I love white gold so I would probably choose white gold or sterling silver ring, earrings and necklace. In the summer golden or colorful accessories looks great too.

Elegant black shoes always add that final touch. And no matter if they are flat or high heels shoes. I usually prefer flat ballerina shoes, because they are much more comfortable, but can be as elegant as any high heels shoes, as long as I choose the right ones.

But if I want to look really elegant, and not to forget, taller too, I wear leather black shoes with high heels.

That's my opinion about black long elegant evening dresses. And what do you think? Do you like and wear them too?


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