Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Photo Red Eye Remover Free

Today I'll tell you more about two photo red eye remover free programs - Gimp and Fast Stone.

You can use Fast Stone just for personal and educational projects, if you want to use it for commercial too, you have to pay license for it. And you can use Gimp for free for personal and commercial projects.

First we'll remove red eyes with Gimp. You just simply import a picture and outline red eye (pupil) with Selection Tool. You can find Selection Tool in Toolbox, where are other useful buttons too.

When your pupil is outlined, go to Filters - Enhance - Red Eye Removal. And that's it. Red eye becomes black. Repeat with the other eye and red eyes completely disappear.

Second software I'm going to use to remove red eyes is Fast Stone. This program has really a lot of functions and one of them is Red eye removal.

Go to photo with red pupils, then go to Edit - Red Eye Removal. Enlarged part of your photo opens - you can adjust it with a little dotted square on the right side of the window. Here you can find exact instructions too.

Now go to red pupil with your mouse and you can notice a little pointer. Press the left button and now you are creating a little dotted circle. When it is large enough, release the button and another pointer with little arrows shows up. Now you can move around your little dotted circle. Let me tell you one little trick - make dotted circle a bit larger than pupil otherwise there will stay a thin red outline on the pupil.

When you are done and dotted circle lays on the pupil, double click on it with left mouse button or click on Remove Red Eye button. If you are not pleased, there is always very useful Undo button. And when you are done with one eye, repeat on the other eye.

And that's it. Hope you find those two programs useful with red eyes on your pictures. Good luck.

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