Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cool Christmas Gifts For Teenagers Boys

Which are cool Christmas gifts for teenagers boys? Boys are mostly interested in technical stuff - they love new gadgets and sports. Of course there are boys that love other things too and I'm sure if you have teenager boy, you probably know what to get him or maybe he already told you what does he like.

Image by PublicDomainPictures, Public Domain License, Pixabay

But for all the others there are few ideas. Let's first take a look at teenager boys who love sports - some sports equipment will be probably great or ticket to a sport game of his favorite team too.

For book lovers you can get all sorts of books or even a kindle or a tablet or simply kindle book.

Music lovers will probably love CD with their favorite group or maybe something else with his favorite group if he is really a fan like a calendar or T-shirt or something.

For movie lovers you can get Blue-ray player (they can be pretty inexpensive) or just a movie or two.

For gadget lovers there are always new tech toys available.

If your teenager boy loves science and astronomy, here is another idea - how about a poster with space picture (galaxy, stars,...). Below is one of the posters from Zazzle - Pleiades Poster. You can get small posters (from 6 inches by 4 inches) or extra large one (50 inches by 40 inches) and all between.

If boys love to create and build, here are always Lego.There are a lot of great sets for 15 years old boys and adults, like for instance LEGO Architecture, Lego Creator, Lego Star Wars sets for 16 - 20 year old. And 3D puzzles can be great fun too.

I believe that the key of buying gifts for teenage boys is as simple as possible, so let's not make it to complicated at the very beginning already.

I wish you good luck with the gifts and Merry Christmas.

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