Friday, October 18, 2013

Sunset Calendar

If you love sunsets and pictures of sunsets then you'll love sunset calendar too. And where to get it? You can find it online at Amazon or Allposters for instance. At Amazon sunset calendars are already printed and you can choose between many different photos of sunsets.

You can find Sunset Calendar 2014 at

And how much to these calendars measure? Usually wall calendars measure twelve inches by twelve inches when they are closed, which means twelve inches by twenty-four inches when they are closed.

And you can get smaller calendar too like for instance seven inches by seven inches sunset calendar.

These are usually twelve month wall calendars, but if you take a good look, you can get sixteen month calendar too.

The second online store where you can get sunset calendars is Allposters. These calendars are pretty much the same as at Amazon, maybe just the prices can be different in some cases.

And if you would like really large photo of sunset in you home, you can get sunset wall decal stickers at Amazon - they can measure up to seventy-two inches by forty-eight inches. But they can be smaller too of course, the smallest measures eighteen inches by eleven inches.

And how much do sunset calendars cost? Well, the prices are very different and there are always some sort of discounts, but the prices are from five dollars and up to twenty dollars and more. Most of the calendars cost around ten to fifteen dollars.

I think they are quite affordable and will make your home or office prettier for a whole year.

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